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OKC Music Scene
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This is a community for music fans who enjoy bands from Oklahoma City area, as well as the entire state.

Discuss local music, request show info, announce show info and *most importantly* go to shows!

There's no way the list below is going to have all the great bands from the Oklahoma area, so feel free to suggest bands.
12 pearls, 13 stars, admiral twin, all american rejects, alpha male, american ruse, aqueduct, basement dynasty, beer mongers, blue fish, brady theater, brandon jenkins, bricktown, bridge road caravan, buzz's subs, cain's ballroom, camille harp, caroline's spine, chainsaw kittens, conjunto clave, courier, cross canadian ragweed, diamond ballroom, edmond, el paso hot button, element, endochine, ester drang, euclid crash, falcon five-o, festival city saints, flaming lips, ford center, forty minutes of hell, gaea spore, ghetto blaster, gravity propulsion system, guestroom records, guthrie, headroom, hello defective, high pressure idiots, hinder, hopes the carrot, hosty duo, huver, jack ingram, jackroller, jacob fred jazz odyssey, jake moffat, jason boland, john thomas, jonesound, klipspringer, lawton, lazarus iv, little league hero, lotus netti, lure, mama sweet, mandragora, mimsies, minutes too far, mollys yes, mourning september, mr. bill's, nick wheeler, norman, normanmusicscene.com, oklahoma, oklahoma city, oklahoma city university, oklahoma community, oklahoma state university, oklahomapunkscene.com, oklahomarock.com, old major, oral roberts university, philmore, pigpens mess, radial angel, red dirt cafe, roma secrets, roustabouts, same day service, shade seven, size records, slowvein, sly's alter ego, someday, special disaster team, squeaky burger, starlight mints, steven drozd, stillwater, stoney larue, student film, subroza, subseven, sugar free all-stars, teem blue, the all american rejects, the all-american rejects, the blue door, the burtschi brothers, the candles, the conservatory, the deli, the disposables, the flaming lips, the green door, the hex, the ills, the martini kings, the mimsies, the nancys, the nixons, the opolis, the pistol arrows, the roustabouts, the starlight mints, the stellas, the university of oklahoma, the university of tulsa, therogy, thirteen stars, tied for second, tony romanello, traindodge, travis linville, tulsa, tulsa community college, twenty minutes to vegas, tyson meade, tyson ritter, ultrafix, united fists, university of central oklahoma, university of oklahoma, university of tulsa, unwed sailor, upside, vzds, wakeland, wayne coyne, yes ma'am, yukon

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